My style of wedding photography is to focus on a more photojournalistic documentary-style of photography. The most common comments from couples are that they “hardly knew I was there on the day” or that they “don’t remember me taking so many natural photos”.

My aim is to capture elegant and timeless images that reflect the mood of the moment, the personalities and dynamics of those in the frame - in an honest and natural way.

"Variety is the spice of life" - this is why I love photographing weddings because no two are the same.  Each has its own special and often un-repeatable moments.  There's also that feeling you get from being part of someone special day by capturing the memories, love, look and joy of the day in my images. The first decision when choosing a wedding photographer is deciding what style of photography you want.

Example album

No-one likes their photo being taken. With this in mind, from the outset, my philosophy is to make the wedding photography as enjoyable and painless as possible - giving direction where necessary, but photographing the couple in a way that works best for them. This is achieved by taking an informal approach towards capturing the day in as natural a way as possible.

When at a wedding venue I've always got a plan of what photographs I'm going to take, usually based on discussions with the couple.  However, I trust in my instincts and experience to know when to deviate from that plan and shoot the day in as creative a way as never know what opportunities will develop over the course of a shoot.

Before and after editing

Taking the photo is only half the work, careful selection and editing of the images is equally import as the original image capture.

All final images delivered to a couple are edited using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, to make an already good image (straight out of the camera) into something that stands out.

Couples are only ever presented with images which are good enough to give to them - I never promise a minimum number or limit myself to a ceiling on the final number delivered.