Newborn Portraiture

Babies quickly lose their newborn appearance, so when doing a newborn shoot I try to arrange to visit the family home within the first 2-4 weeks of the birth; this is the optimum time when the newborn is old enough to be positioned for cute poses, while still having those pure and untouched details of being a newborn.

220211_3990 copy.jpg

In the days following the shoot the photos will be edited, creating anywhere between 20 and 30 creatively finished images before being posted in a private online gallery for your review.

The cost is £75 for the photo-shoot with 2 digital images, a DVD slideshow of the photos from the shoot and a 26 page professional quality 21cm square photobook; with the option to purchase further copies of the photobook, digital images or prints.

To book an in-home newborn photo session get in touch.

Summer Portrait Special Offer

Since I have a rare vacancy in my schedule I'm running a special offer for summer location photo-shoots.

The cost is £75, which includes 1 hours photo-shoot at Hardwick Hall Country Park, Sedgefield and you get all the final images from the shoot on a DVD for you to keep and produce prints from. 

This would normally be the cost for the photo-shoot and licence to print a few images.


I only have three slots available - 11am, 12:15pm and 1:30 pm on Sunday 17th August, so get in touch to arrange a booking (on a first come first served basis), or if you are interested in a bespoke family shoot at a different date get in touch for pricing and availability.

Pre-wedding shoot: Michelle & Scott

It's less than 7 weeks until have the pleasure of covering the wedding of Michelle and Scott at the Roker Hotel in Sunderland...a venue I've not shot before, which is always refreshing. 

So, today I met up with Michelle and Scott, and their adorable 2 year old Faye, to catch up about the wedding and do a quick pre-wedding shoot (which turned into a family shoot).


Pre-wedding shoots are useful for me as the photographer because  they give me a feel for how easy a couple is to photograph, as well as giving me the opportunity to give them some pointers on how best to pose for photos; they also give he couple some idea of how the photos will go on their Big Day, with my aim for them being relaxed and seemingly effortless (both on my part as the photographer, and their part as the "models") which should carry through to the final images. 

Today was a very windy and sunny day on the north east coast, so the shoot was limited to the nearby Roker Park and seafront. I didn't take as many shots as I normally would (mostly due me not being able to separate Faye from her parents) but I got enough shots for what I wanted - which is really just one photo I can mount onto a signing board, for guests to sign while we are off doing the wedding portraits on the Big Day. 


Hope they like these preview photos, and the final disc of images I'll send through to them later next week.  


First blog posting….so please be gentle

I guess this is where I outline what to expect from future blogs.

While most of it will be aimed towards a wedding audience, there will be something for everyone really…

  • some will be relevant for other photographers

    • such as which kit I use and why

    • techniques I’ve picked up over the years

    • my review of any new gear I use

  • there’ll be preview images from recent weddings and other photo-shoots

  • announcements, such as when I’m not available or whether I’m running any special offers

  • some will promote local suppliers I’ve dealt with (kind of an endorsement thing)


The wedding-related stuff will cover all sorts, from latest trends, to advice on planning a wedding and how make the day go as smoothly as possible, and more.

Hopefully you find the blogs interesting and feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or want me to cover something specific you are interested in.