Disc-only Packages

To keep things simple (often the best way) I’ve chosen to provide only one wedding photography package to couples, with a variety of optional extras (such as pre-bridal coverage, additional coverage, licence to print their own images, parents albums, etc.) which can be added, allowing couples to tailor coverage to their specific needs and budget.

This base package includes what I feel is the minimum amount of coverage sufficient for me to capture a suite of images from their Special Day, as well as an album of wedding memories telling the story of their day in one volume; in essence, this base package is complete enough that some couples choose it and don’t feel the need to add anything to it.

Recently I’ve been getting wedding enquiries about disc only packages – something I’ve steered away from in the past.

This is primarily because despite their best intentions, I know most people would get the disc of 500-800 images, print a few off for display in their home or as gifts for family, as well as upload some to Facebook…..…the disc will then get put in a draw…….day-to-day life will inevitably get in the way, and they’ll most likely never put aside the time and effort required to go through the hundreds of wedding photos and design an album.

That being said, I’ve listened to what couples are wanting and I am now offering a disc-only package. The disc-only package includes the same 6 hrs coverage (with the option for additional coverage if required), pre-wedding shoot, DVD slideshow of all your wedding photos in presentation case, guest signing mount, and a 26 page proofing album to help sort reprints; in addition, couples would also receive the professional service and digital edits all my clients expect. Basically, it’s the same as my photobook package, but instead of getting a premium 66 page story book album you’re getting a licence to print all the hi-res images and make your own album.

I’ll even point couples towards the best value suppliers for canvases, prints, photobooks, etc. and if you decided at a later date you did want an album, it’s no problem for me to design and produce an album for you.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer and interested in my disc-only package please get in touch for pricing and availability.